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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Keep Calm and Mary Kaye On

I finally have the last of campfire smell out of my hair just in time to head out on my Oregon Tour.  Our family goes on an annual backpacking trip that for many years I had an excused absence from due to pregnancy or nursing babies, but now feel obligated to take part in.  Even our grown children come home now for our big adventure on the mountain.

I have a love-hate relationship with the great outdoors.  I love the time with my family, the roasted marshmallows, the campfire camaraderie, being cacooned with Brad in our tent, but I hate the rain when it's time to make breakfast, the spiders that end up in my hair, squirrels in my pack, and ashes in my hot chocolate.

One year, a terrible storm came over the mountain and the wind howled over the pines like waves crashing on the shore.  I woke to the sound of trees blowing over and my little girls crying in their tent.  I shook Brad and said, "The tree's are falling!"  He said, "God will protect us.  There is nothing we can do but wait it out."

 Isn't that how life is.  We become gripped with fear at the sound of our world crashing down around us only to realize that the only plan of action that makes any sense is to wait out the storm.  They say that fear is simply misplaced faith. I laughed when I was reading through my journal last night and saw these words that I had penned when storms raged in my own life...I had written, "Keep Calm and Mary Kaye On."

My heart is bursting with gratitude for God's tender mercies.  Great things are happening in my family and in my music career.  I am the Featured Performer of the Week on the Texaco Country Music Showdown website and the song "Fringe" is up for Song of the Month.  I also look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones on my tour through Oregon this weekend.

So...to all of my family, friends and fans I want to give you my love and encouragement.  I know some of your struggles and I am glad to be connected to you.  Music makes a circle of us all. May the circle be unbroken.  Keep calm and carry on!!

If you would like to vote for "Fringe" at the Texaco Country Music Showdown site just follow the link below. You are allowed one vote a day.
I so appreciate your enthusiasm and help!

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