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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Havin Fun in Salina

One of the best parts of doing a show is all the fun back-stage with Jess and Hollis. Theres lots of hairspray and grumbling about getting fake eyelashes to go on straight. Salina had a better dressing room than other places...we've had some pretty interesting dressing rooms in times past. This dressing room even had some great vintage dresses that we considered wearing in the show (but none of them fit.) Our show has about 40 costume changes between all of the singers, so we fly in and out of there pretty fast. There are a million things that can go wrong during a show and we all carry hand-held microphones...it's a real worry that we'll get off stage and say things like "wow, that sounded like crap....or....I'm so fat I popped a button" only to realize the mike is hot and everyone in the auditorium just heard what you said. The picture above is of me and Miss Hollis Pyper. Jess also sings with us, but is not pictured. I will be loading a clip of us doing Dixie Chicks on my post next week.

A big shout out to come to the WOMEN IN MOTION CONFERENCE this Friday. I will be entertaining during the breaks. I'm sooooo excited. I love singing for all women. Email me for details at www.maryknaphus@yahoo.com

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