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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shhhh....Moms writing a new song!

I am sure that being a mom of such a big brood has somehow enabled the superpower of being able to multi-task song-writing with running a household. Melody comes easily...pretty chord patterns turn the melody on like water from a faucet. It's the lyrics that are the botheration. I shudder at simple lyrics. I somehow want to impress the listener with clever words. So...with my head full of heavy-handed phrases, I realize it's time to make dinner. The kids all seem to recognize the absent look in my eyes. They stay away when I am writing a new song. I don't ask for any help while I chop carrots and sautee onions...I relish the quiet. Calling everyone for dinner is quite a job. We have kids scattered in the barnyard, in their rooms and at soccer games, but once we all sit down around the table everything seems to comes together. Just like a song. I realize my family has the effortless beauty of a melody, but that the extra effort of a well-planned meal, just like the extra effort of well-placed lyrics, is what makes the song become a masterpiece.

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