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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Full of it...

Have you ever been so full of gratitude you could almost bust wide open? Well, I guess I'm "full of it" today. I think the real secret to a happy life is feeling gratitude for all things....yes, I mean ALL things...even the rotten stuff. I tell my kids there is nothing so terrible that can happen to you that can't learn something from it. This time last year I miscarried what I believe were twin boys...they would've been our 11th and 12th children. I am still in mourning for the babies I will never hold but now that I am farther away from that heartache, I can feel gratitude for what I learned from that experience. The first thing I learned (again) is that God is in charge and that I'm OK with that. The second thing I learned is that when I was at my lowest point my friends, children and husband all were there to catch me in their loving safety net. The third thing I learned is that I am now the owner of a more compassionate heart. And with this more compassionate heart I will create the music that will heal and comfort and enlighten...or just simply entertain. God has placed me on the path of music and it is a joyful journey indeed.

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