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Monday, October 26, 2009


I love reading history. I love reading about war. Don't ask me why. I would never want to actually fight in a war. One of the best parts of being a woman is knowing I will never be drafted...or at least I hope not. One of the most fascinating aspect of war is the art of knowing when to "advance" and when to "retreat." Most of Washingtons brilliance during the Revolutionary War was in his hasty retreats followed by just a few bold attacks. Well, this last weekend I hosted a "Womens Retreat." There were 16 of us who "retreated" from our life's battles long enough to meet at the Yardley Inn for good food, inspired messages and music. I think we all got something a little different from the experience, but I know I needed that "retreat" more than I realized I did. In fact, I have become a big fan of the fine art of the "retreat." Put away your white flags folks..."retreat" is NOT "surrender"...it is just a chance to stop getting beat up by life long enought to re-group. So, I am taking a cue from Washingtons play book and am going to learn how to win lifes battles with a deft and dextrous combination of "retreats" and "attacks."

1 comment:

  1. See! You bring up warfare and women, and I'm reading it!!!! Sounds like a great conference!!

    I have a favorite quote from Mark Twain... "Familiarity breeds contempt, and children."