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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fireworks, the Fourth and the Future

Fireworks, the Fourth and the Future

I just wrapped up a radio interview to promote my Nevada tour next week.  I am doing a dinner show at Winners Casino in Winnemucca on Tuesday night, a show at Pipers Opera House in Virginia City on Wednesday night, an encore performance back in Winnemucca on Thursday and then a concert at the Eureka Opera House on Friday night.  

We've partied pretty hard here at home for the 4th of July and have been laying around recovering the past two days.  Millie and I opened for Restless Heart on July 3rd.  Millie amazed me.  She is only eleven but wasn't nervous at all.  She just got up there and let 'er rip.  My friend, Teresa Berish surprised me by showing up from Nevada with her family for the performance. We got to share our hometown 4th of July with them which is comprised of games at the park, a watermelon bust and a patriotic program followed by fireworks.  Our town knows how to celebrate!

I can't remember a summer I've ever enjoyed more than this one.  For some reason the bare feet, beach towels, late nights and lazy days by the pool are more precious than ever.  I want to drink lemonade and putter in the garden as long as possible.

CeCe and Adaline were playing at their clubhouse on the back porch just yesterday afternoon.  They had nail polish, brushes and tissues scattered about and announced they were doing make-overs.  CeCe gave me a big toothless grin and said, "So...who want to get beautifulized?"  

Life is short, but summer is shorter.  Enjoy every moment.  I love you all.  Happy Summer!

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