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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Behind the Scenes

My brain is about to explode.  I've got dinner to make (cornbread and zucchini), music to get ready for my studio time tomorrow, a workout to squeeze in and a daughter to take school shopping.  I know that everyone is busy, but being busy is like being sick.  It feels like you're the only person on the planet suffering.

My husband and best friend, Brad, has been helping me with the booking side of my music biz, which became a necessity as things got crazy busy with touring.  We have fun hitting the open road together and also enjoy the thrill of adding new and exciting dates to my schedule.

The kids all kick in with helping around our house and property.  Just today the children did laundry, mowed the lawn, collected eggs, watered and trimmed flowers, vacuumed and cleaned windows.  CeCe even made a flower arrangement for the kitchen window sill.  My boys tease us by saying we should put a sign on their door that says, "Slave Quarters."

I spent time today working on current music projects.  Brad and I are producing a new CD that is a compilation of some of my older recordings.  We are calling it "Mary Kaye...Classics from the Vault."  It will have favorites such as "Crazy", "Moon River" and "Stand by Your Man."  It will also include a recording that I did for my high school Jr Miss Pageant called "Hit Me With a Hot Note."

The idea came to us when a friend and fan from CA mentioned some older recordings of mine that he had heard about.  I found them and dusted them off and we are now mixing and mastering and getting them ready for distribution.  I am still kicking around ideas for cover photography ideas.  Maybe a pic of me emerging from a bank vault?  No...that's dumb.  Maybe I should just focus on frying up that zucchini for now.

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