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Friday, December 28, 2012

Cowboy Christmas

The 3rd Annual Cowboy Christmas was magical.  I don't think I've ever felt more honored to share the stage with other performers as I did that night with Ken Stevens singing my favorite "Corn, Water and Wood" and JoLynne Kirkwood and CR Wood reciting their poetry.  That room glowed with the true spirit of Christmas.  The whole committee involved with the event made it a reality and a lot of money was raised for our local Jensen's Angel Tree.

I made a busy week even busier by composing a new song on Tuesday that I sang on Saturday.  It is called "It all Began in a Barn" and the chorus is as follows...

Why would God in his glory choose to start His son's story in a stable with a manger of hay?
He could've saved all the hassle and crafted a castle 
for the Christchild on that first Christmas Day.
But I think I understand why it all began in a barn.
Somewhere warm, somewhere safe, somewhere far away from the human race...
yes, I think I understand why it all began in a barn.

My friend, Teresa, drove in from Nevada to be part of Cowboy Christmas.  Also the Dunn family braved the weather to be there from Idaho and Northern Utah.  My friend and photographer, Anita Crane, drove in from Park City, Utah with her husband to be our official photographer.  We all laughed, shared meals and music and I even put my friends to work with the event.  One of my children said, "Mom, you have really cool friends."  I thought to myself, "Yep.  I do."

Little CeCe began Christmas morning by exclaiming " I feel so happy inside!!"
Isn't this what the Christmas season is all about? 

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