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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow is a Four Letter Word

Slush is the word of the day as we enjoy the first day in many that the temperature is not below zero.  It's funny how 15 degrees can feel like a tropical warm spell after 10 below.  Our home has a wonderful, cozy feeling with the hum of the washing machine and the crackle of the fire.  There is no green grass or sunshine to lull us outside, it's just us in this little house against the cold world outside.

I have almost romantic feelings for the wool socks I got for Christmas and they are my favorite companion as I work on songs for the next CD.  Next to my desk is a mason jar of sharpened #2 pencils that smell of my elementary school days.  I am merciless on the erasers as I work and rework lyrics.  Next week will mark the beginning of the studio work for the new CD. 

Brad and I play tag team on the phone as we work on booking new tours and shows for the upcoming year.  I told Brad that booking a tight tour is like trying to put a puzzle together when the pieces keep changing shape.  It's a challenge, but it's nice to be in it together.  I am reminded that behind every successful independent artist, there are hours of work behind the scenes.

In many ways, I live in a home full of artists.  I somehow don't notice how inventive and creative the kids are in the warm months of the year.  Being in close quarters gives me a chance to help them thread needles to make doll dresses, compose poetry for school, and happen upon a teddy bear tea party set up in the middle of the upstairs hallway.  We have a candlelit dinner every night and gather around the wood stove for family prayer.   So, for as much I could complain about snow being a four letter word, I can also sing  praises to the white stuff.  It gives us a welcome break from the world outside...for a while longer at least.

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